Color Schemes

I am developing a new website in .NET using C# and the MVC model to highlight some of the web/coding projects that I have worked on over the past couple of years.  I wanted to share this awesome website I found for developing color schemes.  Check out Paletton – you can choose monochromatic, adjacent 3-color, triad 3-color, tetrad 4-color, and free-style 4-color.  You can also choose the lightness or darkness of the colors.

So, now I have a color scheme for my new site, which I’ll be adding to my CSS this weekend.  And hopefully, I will be able to unveil my new site soon!  Stay tuned.  🙂

Co-op 2 Highlights 12

Well, it seems that I have been so busy in the last 2 weeks, I have fallen a bit behind.  That seems to be a theme for this semester – I’m keeping up with things in other circles, but have dropped my activity level here.  I have encountered all kinds of new information in the last couple of weeks, so I will be sharing that in my next post.

For this post, I will concentrate on the website updates I have been making.  Our sister organization is participating in a huge event at the end of May called the Hunger Walk.  Each year, this project includes updating the website to host several dedicated pages of information with links to registration pages, supporting information, social media connections, and an online payment/donation form connected to our payment gateway.

Making sure all of those things are updated and working correctly has been a focus.  During this season each year, these pages are made active or visible.  I have also activated our registration on the Freestore Foodbank’s website and created a short link to use in print pieces to help steer people to register.  This included a meeting with a couple of representatives from the Freestore Foodbank where I was able to give feedback on their Convio registration system.  In addition to updating several web pages, I am also working on writing the content and scheduling posts for both Twitter and Facebook.  Although that is not really relevant to true coding or programming, the social media aspect plays a big part in an organization’s web presence, so getting it right is important.  We also host a web page that can collect online donations, run them through our payment gateway, and updates a database with their donation.  This last part includes working with a database to make sure that any Hunger Walk-specific donations that come in are tagged with the correct GL code and the correct campaign code for this year (HW2014).  Doing this now, before donations start coming in, is important and relieves the headache of manually updating records with the correct campaign code.

This particular project requires a lot of project management.  There are a lot of moving parts, internal deadlines, external communications, and print pieces to be designed and printed.  Again, although this is not really related to coding and programming, the project management piece is important.  As a web developer working on a project, I will need to know what needs to be done, what the scope of the project is, what has been completed already, and what deadlines exist.  So, familiarity with project management is a plus in just about any realm nowadays.

I’ve also been involved with uploading Powerpoint files and Google forms (surveys) to this website for another program and have again found that great customer service makes for happy people.  I’ll be posting more soon with links to some of the information I’ve learned from working on my attendance reporting project.