Spring is coming

I see the sun today Bright, but still a chill Winter trying to hang on, and Spring steadily gaining ground   Spring is coming I know it is, I hope it is I’m hanging on to that   The birds know it too I hear their song each morning As the dark of night turns... Continue Reading →

Monday thoughts 2

Things are hard and heavy right now and it can feel overwhelming. And sometimes people want to just offer the 'it will be ok' or 'just keep praying' and 'God will save us' and 'love is all we need.' Those things are good, but, sometimes you just need to take a breathe. Work through the... Continue Reading →

2.22.2022 Twos-day

Today is getting a lot of notice. It's Tuesday on February 22, 2022 OR Two's-day on 2.22.2022. Pretty cool, and possibly magical. So, I may be late to the game, but Glennon Doyle is just my favorite right now, and I love her and Abby together. And I'm listening to the podcast, We Can Do... Continue Reading →

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