Bloganuary 25

Bloganuary 25 - Write about what makes you feel strong What makes me feel strong? My first thought was something like finishing a nice afternoon 5K run in the heat of the summer, sweating, breathing heavy, feeling good that I did it, happy with my time. My second thought was along the lines of a... Continue Reading →

Monday thoughts

I get emails from Chrystal Evans Hurst regularly, news about her podcast, newsletters, events, and things she's hosting or doing. If you don't know her, you might recognize her dad, Dr. Tony Evans, a well-known Christian pastor, speaker, author, and founder and senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Chrystal is great - she offers... Continue Reading →

looking back, looking forward

Wow, 2021 was a great year for running, walking, hiking, and bicycling - 725 miles in all. Including my first 5k race in years, and a 5.7 mile trail race. And I'm kind of proud of that. It's a good number - 725. But behind that number... I ended the year hobbling, in pain with... Continue Reading →

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