Hi, I’m Kim Philpot, author of the blog here! I’m a fellow traveler on this life journey. I enjoy all things nature, hiking, running, walking, yard work, reading, puzzles, and watching sunsets and sunrises. 

So, why the name Joy Trekker?

Over the past year (Pandemic 2020), I found myself soaking in and relishing glimpses and nuggets of joy, truth, life knowledge, and beauty. Finding joy and beauty in the journey or ‘trek’ of life.

This blog is my travel journal of life, my collection of maps and souvenirs and trinkets.

Joy Trekker – finding joy in the journey is my way of sharing all the observations, lessons, rules, nuggets, guidelines, knowledge, and truths I have learned on my journey.

Things I love: words, designing, putting things together, working towards the best solution for all parties involved, strategic planning, looking at big picture stuff (how things all fit together) and tiny detail stuff

Professional Work Background: software and database development (SQL, ETL Developer), project management, communications via social media channels with keen eye on branding and marketing, executive assistant, website support (HTML, CSS, content management systems, and writing content)


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