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Bloganuary 25

Bloganuary 25 – Write about what makes you feel strong

What makes me feel strong? My first thought was something like finishing a nice afternoon 5K run in the heat of the summer, sweating, breathing heavy, feeling good that I did it, happy with my time.

My second thought was along the lines of a full day of work out in the far backyard area, clearing honeysuckle and dead branches, mowing the grass, restacking piles of firewood, burning brush, working on fence projects, trimming and edging around trees. That’s the kind of day where you break a sweat, use your muscles, even muscles you didn’t know you had (or don’t use very often). Then you look out at your yard in the evening and see the accomplishment, the finished product of your sweaty work that day.

Those are physical things that make me strong. I started to think of whether there’s anything mental or maybe emotional that makes me feel strong. I know problem-solving and working through some detailed project at work that requires a lot of concentration makes me feel smart or accomplished, but not necessarily strong. I think I associated the word ‘strong’ more with physical strength than mental or emotional. Even when tested emotionally or mentally, if I keep myself composed and react appropriately, I don’t naturally think of that as a strength thing.

How interesting. Interesting that I connect strength to physical more than mental or emotional aspects. But mental and emotional strength or toughness are also very important qualities. Maybe I need to develop some more ‘noticing’ of areas where I’m strengthening my mental or emotional muscles.

Is strength discipline? Does strength grow discipline? Or does increasing discipline grow strength? I think creating or growing your discipline in an area is going to grow and increase your strength in that area. Like working on muscle groups. If you have consistency, a key part of discipline, and you work certain muscle groups regularly, then you are going to have improvements, increased strength in that area.

Always a work in progress, we humans are.

I hope you find some bit of joy today, something that makes you pause or smile or chuckle to yourself.

With Peace and Joy.