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Monday thoughts

I get emails from Chrystal Evans Hurst regularly, news about her podcast, newsletters, events, and things she’s hosting or doing. If you don’t know her, you might recognize her dad, Dr. Tony Evans, a well-known Christian pastor, speaker, author, and founder and senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Chrystal is great – she offers down-to-earth advice and guidance for living a good life full of faith and love. She encourages people and does it in the kindest way, not turning her nose down to anyone. She’s pretty awesome, and I imagine she is a great friend to everyone she meets.

I know Chrystal has many quotes credited to her. But this message, these sentences from her latest email really resonated with me, and I am treating the whole thing as a quote from her. It’s that good:

Every moment of every day brings a fresh beginning and another opportunity to start fresh. So don’t give up on the goals and dreams God has placed on your heart, okay?

Haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do today? That’s okay. Any day can be Day One! With each new day God gives you, choose to move forward and press on as you pursue Him and all that He has for you.

It’s 2022, my friend. Give yourself some grace! It’s been a rough patch the last couple of years. Today and the rest of this year, you have the awesome opportunity to choose to really live, truly learn, and intentionally love your life.

Chrystal Evans Hurst

It’s been a rough couple of years. Amen. There’s been lots of heavy things to carry. And reading this earlier this morning made me feel a little glimpse of rest or ease or resetting.

I’m also recalling a line from Adele’s new song, ‘Easy on Me.’ That phrase ‘Go Easy on Me’ should really be ‘Go Easy on Yourself, take care of yourself, take a rest, it’s OK, it’s going to be OK.’

One of my quotes right now is from Ram Dass, ‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ Life is this journey and we are all headed in the same direction, home. And we can help each other a little along the way, with some kindness, sharing food or love, carrying a load for someone to give them a break.

I hope you find some joy in your world today. Maybe it’s a smile, a sunrise, a sunset, some birds singing outside your window, some crazy early daffodils that are confused about Spring and Winter. Whatever it is, pause a moment and take note of it.

This is my small attempt at writing for the day, blogging in January – #bloganuary for WordPress. I’m starting small, so I have lots of room to grow from here on out.