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Co-op 2 Highlights 10

My focus over this past week has been making updates to our sister organization’s website, adding links to Google form surveys and uploading Powerpoint training presentations through Cloudberry to link to on the web page.  I created a simple table to hold weeks 1 – 6 with another column for the training and survey links.  It was interesting because the person requesting this update was so pleased that I put it in some sort of order, which was such an easy thing to do.  Another update last week concerned staff as there was a recent turnover.  This website has limited connectivity to our MySQL database, so our staff web page is static.  When someone leaves, it requires a manual update to the web page taking out the former staff person’s name and adding in the new temporary person’s name.  There is also a big event coming up in May, the Hunger Walk in Cincinnati, and our organization uses this event as a major fundraiser for food dollars for the year.  At the core of that is project management, communications, registrations, print pieces, social media marketing, coordinating with the Freestore Foodbank, working with the project team to bring completion to items under deadline, and updating the web page.  That has been a focus this week also.  Although the social media and web page updates are only part of this project, I do feel that project management overall is a valuable tool to have in one’s toolbox.  There is a need to be able to work under deadline, sketch out the overall goal, and fill in all of the details that need to happen in order to meet the goal.

I came across a new term this week, parallax web design, and wanted to investigate this a little further.  This web page from AWWWARDS gives a great overview of what parallax web design is and provides links to good examples.  Parallax design is based on the old-school video games (think old Super Mario Brothers) that scroll along with links or anchors to different sections of the large page, instead of chopping the website up into small individual pages.  I’d be curious to know the pros and cons of this design and how or why it seems to be trending now.  This article was from October 2013, so it’s not terribly old.  It would be curious to see how popular this trend becomes.

There is more work to do on VARI, my attendance reporting project, and I am meeting with my Capstone professor tonight to clarify a couple of items.  It has morphed a little from my original design and scope, but I think it will still be a very helpful tool, if my organization decides to use it.


One thought on “Co-op 2 Highlights 10

  1. Kim,
    One thing that I really appreciate about you and your work is your ability to project your ideas into the future. It is exciting to me when you can imagine various possibilities for application far down the road. You will find that this is a huge asset in this industry.

    On a different subject, we pay for a monthly subscription for a Project Management tool called ZOHO which allows us to manage up to 50 different projects. If you are interested in checking this out, let me know. There is plenty of room to track your projects as well.


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