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Co-op 2 Highlights 9

Happy 25th Anniversary to the web this week!  I saw this article on Google and wanted to mention it here.  The web is something many of us take for granted nowadays, and Sir Tim Berners-Lee asks some really great questions about the future.  This website, http://www.webat25.org/, talks in-depth about the past, present, and most importantly, the future of the web.  The top 3 questions asked by Sir Tim Berners-Lee are:

  • How do we connect the nearly two-thirds of the planet who can’t yet access the Web?
  • Who has the right to collect and use our personal data, for what purpose and under what rules?
  • How do we create a high-performance open architecture that will run on any device, rather than fall back into proprietary alternatives?

Great questions, with no easy answers.

Earlier this week I’ve been working on VARI, my capstone project.  I have more research to do regarding the Data Access Layer (DAL) and the Business Logic Layer (BLL).  I’ve found some great information here to read through and hope that I can build my Data Access Layer correctly to be able to communicate with my database.  I’ve also worked on building my database and transferring the raw attendance data into it.  There is much more to do, and I hope to make some good progress on this on Sunday this week.


One thought on “Co-op 2 Highlights 9

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the link to Sir Tim Berner-Lee’s article; it was interesting. It was a good exercise for me to remember how cumbersome it used to be to share information and do research. Kim, you should feel good about the contributions that you have already done to make the information available on the www better. It will be awesome to look back 10 years from now and see your fingerprints!
    Keep up the good work!


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