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Co-op 2 Highlights 7

Week 7 has just finished up and I wanted to show a little of the progress on my current Capstone project – VARI.  VARI stands for Vineyard Attendance Reporting Index.  That name may change, but I wanted to be able to call it something while I am working on it.  Here is a screen shot of the current home page for the application:


It’s been a week of ups and downs.  A major domain migration messed with my SQL Server settings (the name of my computer changed, so SQL couldn’t find the server anymore, even though it was still physically right there on the same computer – at least that’s how I understand it), and I have uninstalled and reinstalled SQL at least 6-7 times in the last few week, with no good results.  😦  From talking with our IT department, I have figured out that even though I uninstalled SQL, it still maintained some registry key history, so a new server name could not be identified (even with a new install, it was still looking for the old computer name, pre-domain-migration).  I finally have resolved to create my database in MS Access as close as I can to the original SQL database that I had created because I feel like I should be making some solid progress on this project (as it is already week 7!).  Down the road, if the project (VARI) proves to be valuable, then it can be migrated to a SQL database or even into the proprietary MySQL database, if desired.  I am patterning the tables as close as I can to the MySQL tables and even exporting a copy of the data from the tables I have copied, so hopefully that would happen easily.  However, it should also be fine as a stand-alone application.

I am also building VARI under the MVC model, so I am learning a ton as I go along, but this also is causing the project to move along at a much slower pace.

Our sister organization’s website is being remodeled and the wireframes are going to be reviewed at a meeting tonight.  Once the group reviews and determines to go ahead with a design choice, then I believe I will be more involved in this project in helping to transfer current web information over to the new format.  It will be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts.  One thing I have learned in all my website work over the years is that people want really great websites, but don’t necessarily want to put the time into writing really great content (with the end user in mind, of course).  I have seen this with Facebook recently too.  There is a sub-group under our sister organization that has a FB page and wants to build followers.  After providing some tips and suggestions for doing this, I received a request about a month later from the director to see if I can ‘help.’

One thought on “Co-op 2 Highlights 7

  1. Kim,
    I understand that it has been a rough couple of weeks and our domain migration caused some significant work-flow issues for you. I really appreciate the way that you responded to this level of extreme stress in the following ways. You put a strong effort into doing your own diagnosing and repair. You quickly asked for help from the IT team when you got to the end of your own mental resources. You came up with an innovative work-around once you were aware that your issues could not be resolved quickly. This showed me the following: you are a self-starter and have a willingness to work independently. You have a humbleness to ask for help when necessary. You have a creative mind and excellent problem-solving capabilities. In addition, you showed the maturity to remain cool as well as kind under pressure. Awesome!


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