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Co-op 2 Highlights 4

I mentioned in my last post that I had participated in a webinar for Birst Visualizer and wanted to provide some more information.  Birst Visualizer is a reporting product that would connect to your data source (maybe a SQL or MySQL database, Teradata, Vertico, Oracle, and others) and provide a reporting feature that you could use to analyze business intelligence for your organization.

I was able to view this YouTube video giving a good demonstration on how to generate a report.  It seems very easy to work with, but…  They don’t seem to give a lot of information on how the connection is made between your data and their reporting system.  That would be a very interesting piece of information for me to find out.  I talked with a pre-sales person at Birst and they were not able to provide any pricing information to me, unless I was really interested in purchasing their product.

Reportico is another reporting platform that has been mentioned around the workplace.  This is a php open source platform, so it seems like it would meld well with our database (MySQL).  From Reportico’s website, their description is this:

Reportico is a comprehensive Open Source web reporting tool written purely in PHP. Reportico provides a web-based front end screen for designing and viewing reports stored in XML format. Reportico supports flexible criteria selection and reports may be presented in HTML, PDF, CSV, XML and JSON formats. Groups, graphs, expressions and drilldowns are also easily incorporated and reports may be embedded into existing web pages with a few lines of PHP. 

That sounds pretty much exactly what we might be looking for!  I may just download it and try experimenting with it, to see if it could meet some of our reporting needs.  This would be different from my Capstone project, as there are some specific constraints for that (must be C#, use CRUD, etc).  There’s lots to research, so I’ll keep updating as I learn more.

2 thoughts on “Co-op 2 Highlights 4

  1. Kim,
    Thank you for taking the time to view the video; you exceeded my expectations by making the connection and cost inquiry with Birst directly! I appreciate the research you did with Reportico – it sounds like it may be a viable option.


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