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Co-op 2 Highlights 2

It was a busy week with several opportunities for website updates, including an update directly in the MySQL database (rather than through the content manager), an appointment with my Co-op Coordinator and our Director of IT, and a new website development opportunity for an upcoming conference that we’ll be hosting in May.  Additionally, I am working on completing the Learning Contract for this semester, which should be ready for submission tomorrow.

There is a webinar coming up this week featuring Birst called ‘Analytics for the Rest of Us:  Introducing Birst Visualizer.’  At my current workplace, we have long talked about developing better reporting tools to access and mine the data that sits in our MySQL database, so my hope is that Birst will provide a ‘breath of fresh air’ and help us to make a leap in reporting.  This could take us out of the ‘ice age’ of giant Excel spreadsheets with no graphic depictions of data to modern-day visuals showing attendance or other important metrics.  I will be writing more about that webinar later this week.

One thought on “Co-op 2 Highlights 2

  1. Kim, if you can learn how this works, compare with other products and make a recommendation – it would be a huge step forward for our database team! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…. Keep up the great work!


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