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Co-op 2 Highlights 1

Welcome to Co-op 192, my second co-op in the Computer Programming and Database Management program at Cincinnati State.  This is also my last semester and I will be graduating in May 2014.  I am taking the co-op class, my Capstone class, and a Communications 105 class this semester.

Similar to last semester, Fall 2013, I will be uploading a weekly post here on this blog to document my experiences and everything that I am learning.  This post was technically due last Monday, so I am a little behind, but should get caught up this week.

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a couple of staff from our sister organization regarding routine website updates.  I was able to make those updates easily using the content management system.  Our conversation led to the realization that additional changes were necessary on other web pages and the discovery that a particular page needed some major updating.  It occurred to me that, as a web developer (charged with long-term maintenance of a website), it would be a great idea to periodically meet with the customer to review the content of the website, the needs of the customer, and the main focus of the website.  Within an organization, there are program changes, staff changes, and product changes.  It is very easy for web content to become outdated.  In my opinion, an outdated website reflects poorly on the organization.  And, in today’s world, the look, feel, and content of your website could make the difference between an organization gaining a new customer or losing a sale.

I’ll be posting again later this week on a couple of items – the Co-op director will be visiting my office on Thursday this week, there is an opportunity for me to build (or at least be highly involved) a new website for an upcoming conference, and I will be completing my Learning Contract.

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