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Co-op Highlights 11

Last week, I was able to explore some of the controls/extenders in the Ajax toolkit in ASP.NET.  The Twitter control was fairly easy, but still somewhat challenging.  I needed to get the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret from the Twitter API and put them in the web.config file.  Fortunately, Twitter makes it very easy to do this – https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new.

I also found this website that talks about each one of the controls – http://www.ajaxcontroltoolkit.com/. But, it still lacked a little detail on some of them (for me anyways). I found a website (possibly Stack Overflow) that gave a clue of adding ‘act:’ before each of the Keys/Secrets and that did the trick.  It’s a small thing I had to do for another class, but it allowed me the opportunity to see how the control worked.

Our sister organization, Company B, is beginning to undergo a remodel of their website.  This is exciting as I will be somewhat involved with the Design Specification (back to the SDLC) phase and helping with some of the coding as time allows.  Just maybe, I’ll get a chance to implement the Twitter Ajax control on this site – or at least offer it.  Currently, there is just a link to Company B’s Twitter page, but not a complete feed (like the Ajax control shows).


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