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Co-op Highlights 6

This is an update on my co-op for week 6.  I have been able to work on the mapping project a little more this week.  This involves generating an EER Model on the MySQL Workbench and creating a visual diagram showing the relationships of different tables within the database.  That part is pretty straightforward and I have found I have more trouble getting the diagram to print at the correct size, resizing the diagram for an 11×17 piece of paper vs. a 34×44 (printed on a plotter) paper.

What is interesting is to see the complexity of the database.  I work with this database on a routine basis from an end-user perspective – adding names of new guests, registering guests for classes or events, and updating information such as addresses or phone numbers.  The web application that the end user sees and works with is just the tip of the iceberg.  Seeing the tables and their relationships in an EER Model diagram is like seeing how big the iceberg really is.

EER stands for Enhanced Entity-Relationship model or Extended Entity-Relationship model and was developed to visually display the properties and constraints of complex databases.

Additionally, I attended a Database Architect meeting where part of the discussion talked about developing web applications and mobile websites for our organization.  One overarching theme was that ‘audience is key.’  In developing either a web application or a mobile website, you really must design with the end-user in mind.  They are the people that will be using your web application or mobile website, so what is important to them needs to be important to you, as the designer.

2 thoughts on “Co-op Highlights 6

  1. Kim, I believe that you are getting a really good grasp of the complexity of our system. I appreciate that you “get” the concept of designing with the end user in mind – it is a pivotal piece and often requires numerous interactions between the developer and the users. In the long run it is worth the time on the front end – it is much easier to work things out at the beginning than trying to make changes later on.

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