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Co-op Highlights 5

Last week I attended the Database Architect meeting.  In our workplace, the Database Architect is not one single person providing administration to all of the enhancements, bug fixes, roll-outs, developments, web integration projects, or QA testing.  This is a team effort with all interested parties participating, hearing different views, and deciding on the best way to move forward on particular projects, or to hold on a project based on other’s input.

Of the current open Bugs, Fixes, and Defects, 38 of them were ready to be moved over to the QA server for testing, with an additional 5 that were tested and ready to be moved to Production.  Testing is critical, but doesn’t seem to be very glamorous.  If a fix is not tested fully, then it wastes time to upload it to Production, realize that it doesn’t work totally correctly, go back to the programmer to ‘fix’ again, test again, and then upload to Production again.  It minimizes efficiency to have to repeat the process multiple times to get something right.

I’m definitely becoming more cognizant of this fact and appreciate all of the testing that does need to take place.  Even while I am doing my homework assignments for the other 2 classes I am taking at Cincinnati State, I am realizing that testing is important.  I will write some code for an assignment and think I am done.  I go to test it and oops, realize that there is one more step (or even two or three) that need to be put in place for it to be complete.

The mapping project that I worked on a few weeks ago was reviewed and I hope to continue working on that project this week (I’ve had another work project jump ahead in priority, so this had to be put on the back-burner).  And, there is a new server that has been added, so I will update the diagrams I worked on a couple of weeks ago.


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