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Co-op Highlights 3

Last week, I had the opportunity to work with test a bug fix.  There are 2 web applications associated with our main database here – one is for reserving rooms for meetings and events (we’ll call this A), and the other is the big one, the application that allows you to add people, create events, request rooms, etc (we’ll call this B).  The original bug seemed to limit your rights and capabilities if you were logged in to B and then also logged in to A in another browser.  Your rights and capabilities in B would then be different or would log you out altogether (meaning that you could only be logged in to one application at a time).  This was inconvenient because there is usually some comparing that needs to be done between the 2 applications.  If I see a room reserved in A for certain dates, I would like to go into B and double-check that I reserved 5 tables and 20 chairs or a TV/DVD player.  

I was able to go look up the bug in Trac (an online bug tracking software) and then go into our QA/Testing server to see if the bug was fixed.  It did appear that it was working correctly, in that I could be logged in to both A and B at the same time, without apparent limitations.

After testing this, I was able to respond to our IT department to let them know that this was ready to be pushed into Production.

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