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Welcome to my new blog!  I’ve had blogs in the past that focused around recipes and my personal life stuff (family, food, fun, etc), but never one that was dedicated to my professional journey.  Since I am currently attending Cincinnati State and Technical Community College and will be graduating from the Computer Programming and Database Management program in Spring 2014, it seems like a good idea to develop an online presence.  I don’t have a website of my own right now, so this is a good solution.  I am also enrolled in a co-op class this semester and one of the things they recommend is that you journal about your co-op experience – documenting things you’ve learned or would like to learn, taking note of accomplishments, and highlighting skills that I am using in the co-op.

So, this blog will be a combination of all of that.

And, since it’s new, it is still under development.  I will be tweaking the CSS and HTML to fine tune the look, but also to experiment with different code. 

Thanks for visiting!


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