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Co-op Highlights 2

There are a couple of projects that I have worked on this week for our IT department.

The first project is simple, but meets a real need – create a diagram to document the relationship between the MySQL database, the Vine web application, the personalized website component and list the IP addresses, server names, and type/function for each one.  I have been at my current job for 8 years and this was a really interesting project for me.  I knew a lot of the information in my head, but to see it diagrammed out in a couple of Venn diagrams to show the relationships really helped to understand exactly what we are working with.  A second aspect of this project was to diagram the current development process, including developing code, testing (QA), repository and version handling, and production.  I included the different server names, the common names for those servers, and their functions.  This was also very interesting as it really helped me to see both the server name and the common name together.  It also was helpful to see the process.  I mistakenly had thought that code sitting in the QA server went directly into Production.  But that is not the case.  The code is first checked out from the Repository and put into QA for testing.  Once it passes QA testing, then the original code from the Repository is put into Production.  I always thought that the code moved from QA testing into Production.  

The second project I have begun work on is a mapping or diagramming project also.  This is creating EER models in MySQL Workbench for the tables in our database (the Vine) to show the relationships between the tables.  One of the folks in IT has used Schema Spy to do this initially and it is great, but there are a couple of tables that pretty much everything else relates to, so it is hard to visually see the relationships to the other tables in Schema Spy.  The EER model will allow me to print large diagrams (34 x 44 inches) and enable me to spread out the different tables, providing a cleaner view of the relationships.  There are several components to this project and I was able to complete one diagram this week.  It still needs a little tweaking as far as sizing and printing, which I will finish on Monday.

One thought on “Co-op Highlights 2

  1. You’ve done an outstanding job with your diagramming projects. You creatively came up with a way to show “at a glance” our whole development process. It is clear, concise and artistically pleasing to view. Great job!

    Having the data table relationships diagram will be a huge time-saving tool for our team. We’ve wanted it for over a year but never quite got around to it. Excellent work, thank you!


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