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Blue skies, shining sun, and oxygen

I’m travelling for work today, flying from Ohio to California. This is rare because my role is 100% remote, so I work from home every day. But this week, they’ve requested everyone to fly or drive in and attend a few meetings. It’s great actually – good timing because I just started with this organization…

Visions and Goals

I have been a big fan of Valorie Burton for many years, going back maybe 16 years or so. I used to work at a large church, and we had a weekly lunchtime Bible study. I remember we went through one of Valorie’s earliest books and I was hooked. I love her thoughtfulness and genuineness…


Just a couple of thoughts today… I have struggled and oscillated back and forth on this whole blog thing for years… I’ve had this blog since 2013 if you can believe that. It started out as a way to document my co-op class, and has had several remodels and iterations… I’ve attempted to have themes…

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